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 "I finished TMS about a month ago, and it really helped my depression! With the TMS,  medications, and therapy, I feel better than I have in a long time. I would definitely recommend  TMS to anyone who was on the fence about if they should complete the 4-6 week course of  treatment" - Patient review from Healthgrades.com 


In a 2010 NIMH-funded, independent, randomized controlled trial, patients treated with TMS using the Neurostar
System were 4x more likely to achieve remission compared to patients receiving sham treatment

 Is TMS right for you?

 If you are a patient suffering from depression who has not had satisfactory  results from standard antidepressant medication, NeuroStar TMS Therapy  may be able to help. This novel alternative depression treatment is not a  drug, so it does not circulate throughout Qthe body and does not have the  side effects that are associated with drug therapy.

 If you agree with two or more of these  statements, ask your doctor about  NeuroStar TMS Therapy:

  • Depression symptoms have interfered with my daily life.
  • I am not satisfied with the results I get from depression medication.
  • I have had, or have worried about, side effects from depression medications.
  • I have switched medications for depression due to side effects.
  • I am interested in a proven, non-drug therapy for depression.

 For patients with depression who have not  benefited from antidepressant  medication, NeuroStar TMS Therapy can offer HOPE.

 Facts about TMS Treatments 

  • Patients are awake and alert during treatments
  • Patients can go back to their normal activities immediately after treatment
  • In-office treatment takes just 19 - 37 minutes to complete, so patients can quickly resume their daily activities 
  • Treatment is administered five days a week, for approximately 4 to 6 weeks 

 How TMS Works 

  • uses a pulsed magnetic field to stimulate nerve cells in the left prefrontal cortex known to affect mood
  • Local neurons depolarize and release neurotransmitters
  • Distant areas of the limbic system are activated via neuronal pathways 
  • Blood flow & glucose metabolism rise in the stimulated regions, which is thought to result in improved mood 
  • Covered by most insurance plans including: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, Tricare, Humana, Aetna, CIGNA, United healthcare, and others.  
  • Financing is available for those whose insurance does not cover the cost of treatments. 

 What to Expect

Real people, real stories: Videos of actual patient experiences with TMS

 Patient Testimonials
  • "I was very anxious and scared about everything; I was constantly dissociating. I was unable to get much of anything accomplished. Facing each day was getting more and more difficult. After completing TMS, I feel much more hopeful and positive. It was a big reprise from the dissociation! I am now able to complete more tasks and my anxiety has decreased dramatically. I got my life back." – Joann
  •  "I am a 63 year old woman who has suffered with depression since I was 12 years old until recently when I underwent a course of TMS treatments and came out the other side as a “new me.” The healing that came with the treatments has “changed my life.” Since TMS, “my life has become an amazing journey of re-discovering myself.” My black-cloud has gone away. I shared about TMS with my sister who had a similar story as mine and "TMS worked for her as well." "I recommend it for anyone who wants to stop suffering." ~ Claudia T
  • "I was very depressed - I had thoughts of not wanting to be here. I was unable to even figure out how to get dressed in the morning; I wore the same clothes over and over again. I was constantly afraid of running into friends or people I knew. I slept half the day and was terrified of being alone. I completed 30 TMS sessions and I now feel more balanced, happy, and productive. I am back to being my gregarious self! My mind and memory are sharper. I'm up by 7:00 am every day and back to leading a happy, productive life!"  Vicki
  • "Before TMS treatment, I felt worthless, hopeless, and had trouble concentrating on even the smallest task. I spent more time in bed crying than anything. After completing 30 TMS treatments, I really feel stable and steady. I am enjoying the things I used to and my family is glad to have me as a functioning member again. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering symptoms of severe depression - you will be amazed and relieved when you discover important pieces of your personality and ability are still accessible!" – Mary H
  • "Before starting TMS treatment, I was very depressed. I had a gray feeling every day in my mind and I was very tired and unmotivated. I did not plan for future goals anymore and I did not want to wake up in the morning. Anything negative was pulling me deeper in the gray area of zero hope. After completing TMS treatment, I felt perky and alive. I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning and I now smile every day with a sense of peace and calm over me. I have my creativity and enthusiasm back and I now exercise daily!" – Patient A
  • "I am 50 years old and working as a personal care attendant. I experienced my first episode of depression in 1986 and have had around seven episodes, all ranging anywhere from 1 to 6 years. My depression alienated me and made me feel isolated from the people that love and care about me the most. I lost a job because of it. My happiness and life were at stake. TMS allowed me to continue with my life with little disruption to my daily activities. I began to notice a change during the fourth week of treatment. I began to get a handle on my thoughts. I have been able to live again and life has become enjoyable for me. NeuroStar was different for me because I got better much quicker than previous attempts at getting over my depressive episodes." – Pamela
  • "My life with depression was not fun. I didn't really find enjoyment in everyday things and I hated going to school. I had social anxiety along with depression. It just took the fun out of everything. It took me awhile to realize that that's what was wrong, and that depression was the problem. My doctor told my dad about NeuroStar TMS Therapy and I looked into it and it seemed like it was a good option for me. The first week of treatment was a little bit rough, getting used to the NeuroStar machine, the tapping and the sound. By the end of the second week, I was falling asleep in the chair. Probably by the third and fourth week, everyone around me said I was starting to look and sound better. I was waking up easier, my relationships were improving. I wasn't cranky like I used to be. For me, medications were not working and the side effects were not worth it. It wasn't an option for me it was something I was going to have to do and it totally worked." – Shawn
  • "I've pretty much had depression since I was a child. I had separation anxiety in elementary school and its basically followed me throughout my life in variant degrees. My first depressive episode was when I was 35 - I was hospitalized for 30 days. That was when I first began taking antidepressants and it's been over 20 years that I've been on them. And then I just hit a wall – my doctor and I were discussing new options and changing them again. NeuroStar TMS Therapy came along at the perfect time because I started to feel like my options were running out. After about a week and a half I really started to feel different. I felt like I was alive - like the veil had been taken off of my eyes. I want to see people, and don't want to be by myself like I used to." – Debbie
  • "I had suicidal thoughts, no motivation, lack of interest in friends and family. I tried four antidepressants, and they didn't relieve any of the issues I was having. And with them came side effects I wasn't willing to tolerate to get better. I came to the point in my life where I'd been depressed for quite a long time and I needed to try a different path, so I decided to try TMS. About my 5th week of Neurostar therapy, I started to feel a difference. I feel more motivated in my home, more joyful around people, a little more of that 'normal' feeling. That improved during the 6 weeks, and now I'm 2 months out and looking forward to the future". – Kim H.