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 For your convenience, Athens Behavioral Medicine is proud to announce the initiation of Telemedicine appointments using the curogram platform.

Curogram is a safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant space. No downloads are required.

Please note, we are no longer using the Doxy platform;

To use the curogram platform, you will receive a link via text 30 minutes prior to your appointment.  If you have not received a link to your appointment, we can send it to you via text or email.  Please contact our office at info@athensbehavioral.com or call us at 706-316-1908

(Curogram is Compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox as well as IOS and Android)


·         Allows patients to have regular appointments with their provider using a webcam and microphone

o   The office will collect your copay and/or balance due over the phone.

o   All medications will be E-Scribed to your pharmacy.

·         You must have access to a webcam either on a phone, tablet, or a computer. Its very easy to use even if you’re not tech savy; just use your smart phone or tablet.

·         If your physician is in-network with your insurance, it is still a covered service.

·         Allows patients to avoid missed appointment fees for having to late cancel.

·         Helps patients remain compliant with their required office visits for your physician to be able to prescribe medication(s)

·         If feeling sick, you can stay at home and still have an appointment.

·         No transportation needed

·         Can eliminate childcare issues

·         Helps with taking time off work

·         Less time in a waiting room

***Please talk to the front desk to schedule your TELEMEDICINE appointment today***