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Instructions for Telemedicine Appointment using Curogram

Thank you for using telemedicine at Athens Behavioral Medicine. We are using this new technology in an effort to keep our patients safe and at the urging of both our federal and state governments during the Covid-19 outbreak.  Please bear with us as we navigate using this platform which is new to our practice.  We hope that you will forgive us for any inconveniences or any technology difficulties that you may experience.  If you are uncomfortable using telemedicine, we are still seeing patients in person at our office location.  We do hope you will find this telemedicine experience to be a convenient, safe way to conduct your appointment with Athens Behavioral Medicine.


Telemedicine using Curogram is HIPAA compliant, completely safe and private, and covered by most insurance plans in which we are in-network.



·         a web browser: the only supported browsers are chrome, firefox, or safari

·         a working webcam and microphone

·         a tablet or smartphone really is the easiest device to use for patients not used to videoconferencing because of the integrated camera/microphone feature



1.     Contact our office via email info@athensbehavioral.com or phone (706-316-1908 option #2) to convert your existing appointment to telemedicine.

2.    Our staff will send you a link via text (on your cell phone) or email so that you can check in via a web browser 5-10 minutes before your appointment time. The text/email will originate from curogram.  If you happen to misplace the link or do not receive it; please click contact us.

3.    Approximately 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time use a web browser to click the link and check in to our online waiting room. 

4.    Our staff will correspond with you via curogram's chat feature to check you in, collect any applicable copay/balance, and have you sign our tele-consent form.

5.    You will then need to wait near your computer/smartphone for your provider to begin your appointment.

6.    Once your appointment is completed; you will be placed on a short hold and then will checkout with our office staff to schedule a follow up appointment.

7.    Please let us know via curogram text message system or phone (706-316-1908 option #2) if you have any questions or difficulties connecting. Please do not email us if you are trying to connect to an appointment.  Our email (info@athensbehavioral.com) is only checked a few times throughout the day